Collection: Land Vehicles

Discover precision and excellence in our "Land Vehicles" collection, featuring an array of meticulously crafted scale models. Immerse yourself in military history with wooden replicas like the T95 medium tank, Stryker Armored Vehicle, M50 Ontos, M2 Bradley, M113 APC, M-48 Patton, M-1 Abrams, LAV-25, and Humvee. For automotive enthusiasts, our car scale wood models showcase iconic classics including the Bugatti, 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, 1970 CORVETTE, 1968 Mustang GT Fastback, 1966 GTO, 1957 Corvette Convertible, and 1964 Mustang.

Each model is handcrafted from solid mahogany wood, capturing the essence of these timeless vehicles with exceptional detail and quality. Extend your collection with our diverse range, featuring wooden replicas of forklifts, buses, trucks, and golf carts. All products boast high detail and outstanding quality, ensuring an unparalleled display of craftsmanship. Elevate your space with the sophistication of mahogany wood and the authenticity of our Land Vehicles collection.